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Welcome to Northside Yoga

Northside Yoga offers small-sized friendly classes in a fun and inspiring atmosphere to nurture your body, mind and spirit. Our belief is that practicing yoga in a supportive environment will allow you the comfort and freedom to discover and explore your true Self.

People come to yoga for many reasons. Life is stressful and can be unpredictable, competitive and exhausting. Yoga will help to reclaim your sense of personal power so you can create the life you truly desire. Classes will inspire you to reconnect to your inner wisdom, to feel grounded, restored and in harmony, allowing you to experience a sense of inner peace and contentment with however life presents. The practice of Yoga and Ayurveda invites you to rejuvenate your body, awaken your mind and nourish your spirit. You will find Northside Yoga a safe and inspiring environment to explore your journey of Yoga.

Classes are based on Hatha Yoga principles.